Memorial Warrior Band and Color Guard

Excellence Without Compromise

Roles can help one maintain balance in life.  Within each role, goals define what one wants to achieve.  Goals are the basis for weekly and daily planning.  The best goals are tied to a mission statement:


1. The band student is a valued and cherished member of the band because of the unique and special qualities that only he/she possesses.

2. Each day, the band student chooses to use his/her talents, abilities and character qualities to enhance his/her own growth and to nurture the growth of his/her fellow band students.

3. In every moment, the band student chooses to behave in a manner that is consistent with his/her character.

4. In every situation, the band student has the ability to choose his/her own response; his/her response will either conform to or contradict the internal set of values that governs his/her life.

5. The band student has the power to create his/her own environment by the choices he/she makes in each moment.  The band student is not a victim of anyone or anything.  The band student does exactly what he/she wants to do; no more, no less.



Our Promises to One Another

1. To serve to help other individuals in our band be successful, and to create success as a collective group while creating a group sense of belonging.

2. To epitomize the highest expectations required of all band members while promoting zero tolerance towards negative behavior, including poor attendance.

3. To foster superior citizenship unequivocally at all times and in all situations.

4. To remain in total control of our own perception and response in any and all given situations.

5. To consistently utilize pro-active decision making for the benefit of the band and all of its members.